Corporate Bond Investing in 2018: Finding the Valuevideo

Corporate Bond Investing in 2018: Finding the Value

Every year around this time, I’m asked to look back at corporate bond’s performance over the past year—and what I expect in the months...
Emerging Markets Still Have Room to Run

Emerging Markets Rally: Room to Grow?

Emerging market (EM) equities have appreciated significantly since 2016, handily outperforming developed markets. This rally has left many investors concerned they missed their chance...
Alternative Investments in 2018: Hedging the Bull Marketvideo

Alternative Investments in 2018: Hedging the Bull Market

As the business week closed last Friday, markets saw their biggest drop since June 2016. In the face of rising rates and uncertainty following...
Good News Triggers Bad Markets

Good News Triggers Bad Markets

Global economic growth is improving and synchronizing, and corporate profits are generally up throughout the world. In the U.S., wages are up, unemployment is...
Rising Rates Spark Stock Market Sell-off

Despite Stock Market Sell-off, Underlying Support Still Steady

Concerns about rising interest rates and inflation took center stage for investors this week, culminating in a steep stock market sell-off. Much of the market...
What to Expect from Muni Markets in 2018video

What to Expect From the Muni Market in 2018

The municipal asset class has historically been somewhat insulated from the effects of natural disasters. 2017 put that resiliency to the test as state...
Emerging Markets in 2018: Continued Outperformance?video

Emerging Markets 2018 Outlook: Will EM Continue to Outperform?

The American Century emerging markets team ended 2017 in good spirits because the strategy had a fantastic year. It was a year in which...
2018 Investing Outlookvideo

2018 Investing Outlook

The past year was filled with uncertainty and speculation—around a new president, interest rates, global politics and when one of the longest-running bull markets...
Speculating About Bitcoin

Speculating About Bitcoin

Highlights: Bitcoin has swiftly risen in popularity, but faces significant challenges headed into 2018. The benefits of Bitcoin stem from its decentralized nature, cryptology,...
Trade New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy Financial Game Plan

Trade New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy Financial Game Plan

The start of a new year is a great time to examine your financial fitness. Instead of making a hasty resolution, which can have...

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