Retirement Reality Check: Big Number Blindness

Retirement Reality Check: Big Number Blindness

Midway points are a great time for checking in. With the second half of 2017 underway, pause and take stock of how well your...
The President Proposes, The Congress Disposes

The President Proposes, the Congress Disposes

Podcast In this edition of CIO Insights, we provide an update on the continuing evolution of the investment landscape under the new administration. In prior...
Emerging Markets Have Hit It Out of the Park

Emerging Markets Have Hit It Out of the Park Recently

Baseball and investing have this in common: everyone takes notice of the outperformers. But like baseball, seasons of great performance may tell only part...
What is Impact Investing?

Impact Investing: Making Good With Your Money

What causes are important in your life? Finding a cure for cancer, saving the environment, or supporting human rights? At first, it may not...
Putting Big Data to Work

Putting Big Data to Work

Podcast The big themes coloring the economic, political, and financial environment are by now familiar—low growth, low rates, and low volatility, paired with high valuations...
Rise of the Robots

Rise of the Robots?

Podcast We have been writing for some time now about economic and political uncertainty. One factor underpinning both these conditions is the technological change that...
Investing and Baseball: Are Your Bases Covered?

Investing & Baseball: Are All Your Bases Covered?

Often when I speak with clients, I rely on a few analogies to break down various investing concepts. For one of the most important...
Passive Investing Comes with Valuation Risks

Passive Investing Comes with Valuation Risks

Podcast Passive, index-based investing has grown in popularity during the U.S. stock market’s post-Great Recession runup. Despite its recent success, however, passive investing is far...
The QDIA (R)evolution

The QDIA (R)evolution

You don’t have to look very far to see why Qualified Default Investment Alternatives (QDIAs) are important to retirement plan sponsors and participants—their advisors...
One Thing's Certain: Uncertainty

One Thing’s for Certain: Uncertainty

Uncertainty has become the one certainty in global investing. Investors have lived with it for eight months since the U.S. presidential elections last November. Podcast The...

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