American Century Golf Championship Celebrates 25 Years

The 25th anniversary edition of the American Century Championship will bring a powerhouse lineup of 80+ sports legends and celebrities to Edgewood Tahoe July 15-20. Returning participants in the 2014 tournament include Charles Barkley, Oscar de la Hoya, Aaron Rogers, Kevin Nealon, Ray Romano and Jack Wagner. They will be joined by newcomers Rob Riggle (comedian), Terrell Davis (NFL) and Ricky Stenhouse (NASCAR).

In honor of American Century Investments Founder James Stowers Jr., an investment management innovator and philanthropist who recently passed away at the age of 90, the official national beneficiary of the 2014 tournament is the Stowers Institute for Medical Research. The Institute was established in 1994 through the extraordinary generosity of cancer survivors Mr. Stowers and his wife, Virginia, who dedicated their personal fortune to improving human health through basic research.

Television Schedule

  • July 18, Friday – Televised live on NBC SPORTS NETWORK (Cable): 1-4 pm PT, 4-7 pm ET
  • July 19, Saturday – Televised live on NBC (Broadcast Network): Noon-3 pm PT, 3-6 pm ET
  • July 20, Sunday – Televised live on NBC (Broadcast Network): Noon-3 pm PT, 3-6 pm ET

Each year, more than 40 percent of American Century Investments’ profits are distributed to the Stowers Institute of Medical Research. Total dividend payments since 2000 now exceed $1 billion. Learn more.

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