How We Support the Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Through our ownership structure, more than 40% of our profits support the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, one of the most innovative biomedical research organizations in the world. Since 2000, nearly $1 billion in dividends have been distributed to the Stowers Institute.

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Jim Stowers, Jr. founded American Century Investments® in 1958 to help people improve their financial position. Mr. Stowers and his wife Virginia were determined to create “Hope for Life” as their way of giving back something more valuable than money to the many that made their personal success possible.

Jim and Virginia dedicated their personal assets to create the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, which is dedicated to improving quality of life by researching and uncovering the causes, treatment, and prevention of gene-based diseases.

Notable discoveries from the Institute’s laboratories appear regularly in the leading peer-review journals in biomedicine. Stowers’ scientists have quickly established the Institute’s international reputation for highest quality basic research aimed at finding answers to some of the most important questions of human biology, health, and disease.

The Stowers Institute for Medical Research is just one piece of what Jim and Virginia hoped would become a “bio-med” valley in Kansas City, bringing growth, discoveries, and new excitement to the scientific community and ultimately, to humanity.

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