Plan Sponsors: Expand Your Retirement Plan with Target-Date Funds


When you use target-date funds in your retirement plan, you’re helping participants prepare for retirement by providing access to a professionally managed portfolio that’s pre-diversified across stocks, bonds and cash instruments. At the same time, you’re addressing many of the crucial fiduciary obligations that loom large for plan sponsors today.

Learn more about target-date funds and features to evaluate when selecting a target-date fund for your retirement plan.

1. Empower Participants with Target-Date Funds

Since there are no investment “do overs” once they’re retired, your plan’s participants must get it right the first time. A diversified target-date fund is one way they can prepare for their retirement, and it helps you meet your fiduciary responsibilities.

2. Analyze the Glide Path

Target-date fund providers take varying approaches to glide path design (changes to the fund’s asset allocation to help reduce volatility before retirement). When evaluating target-date portfolios for your plan, use a checklist to help determine if risk exposure and return potential are appropriate at all points along the way.

3. Evaluate the Diversification Strategy

Investing in a large number of asset classes does not guarantee diversification. Consider the quality of the diversification strategy and assess whether the funds are invested in asset classes that expand return potential without taking on excess risk. 

American Century Investments has target-date solutions to help participants build toward the retirement they envision. | U.S. Investment Professionals

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