CIO Insights: Turn the Page, Not the (Investment) Process

This quarter, we address the potential return of stock market volatility and our investment process. Whatever the market conditions—“normal” or not, more or less volatile—we apply the same multifaceted approach. One reason we use that multifaceted approach is that the underlying drivers of  stock performance go in and out of favor  over time. Whether conditions can be deemed to be normal or something else,  it makes sense that different companies  and different stocks would do well at different times.

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This balanced approach contributes to consistency of returns because of the interaction between the metrics. For example, the interplay between value and quality means our
process is not overly dependent on either a sustained risk-on or risk-off environment,
and instead should play itself out over the economic cycle. Similarly, growth works
best when in conjunction with measures of quality, valuation, and sentiment.

So, if volatility does indeed return to the markets, or we are faced with some other unforeseen outcome, we will continue to apply our objective, disciplined process. We believe that the systematic application of a process that uses multiple dimensions to evaluate companies provides the best opportunity for outperformance across different market environments.

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