Our Unique Ownership Model

Our Unique Ownership Model

Investing with Impact

As humans, we all long to lead a prosperous and fulfilling life while making a positive impact on the world. Tapping into that natural desire, we launched a new, integrated brand campaign this summer to underscore our firm’s unique ownership model.

Titled “Prosper With Purpose™,” the new campaign is inspired by the philanthropic vision of our late founder, James Stowers, Jr. and his wife, Virginia. They used their personal wealth to create and endow the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, a non-profit, basic biomedical research organization dedicated to uncovering the causes, treatments and prevention of genetically-based diseases.

In an unparalleled act of generosity, Mr. and Mrs. Stowers transferred their equity ownership stake in American Century Investments to the endowment supporting the Stowers Institute. This has resulted, to date, in more than 40 percent of our annual dividends being directed toward medical research. Since 2000, that totals more than $1.2 billion!

“There’s a tremendous amount of interest in ‘impact investing,’ which—in the broadest sense— encompasses investments that have a measurable, beneficial impact on society, while also providing investors with a potential return,” said Jonathan Thomas, president and CEO of American Century Investments. “We view our ownership model and the legacy of our founder as the ultimate example of investing with impact.”

Campaign Launch

Prosper with Purpose A newly created 30-second Prosper With Purpose-themed television advertisement debuted during the British Open on NBC. The commercial focus on how people can invest in making a positive difference in their own lives and the lives of others—doing good, while doing well.

We also created a long-format video that tells the story of a man discovering how values instilled in him at a young age have guided him to make choices that create good in the world, from which he ultimately benefits in an extraordinary way.

The expanded video and television commercials are part of a fully integrated brand campaign that include digital and search engine marketing, social media, trade and consumer print advertising, earned media and activation at special events.

Learn more at our Prosper With Purpose website.