Hedging the Market via Alternative Strategies

Hedging the Market via Alternative Strategies

The Federal Reserve’s decision to raise rates again in June was a notable event during the second quarter—but not unexpected. More interestingly: The yield curve has actually flattened rather than steepened. That means short-end rates have come up, long-end rates have come down and the yield curve is flatter.

With higher short-term rates, equity market neutral and equity long short strategies may benefit from improved return expectations.

Watch the video below to hear more on a quick recap of market observations to date in 2017 and what’s on my radar going forward.

Alternative mutual funds often hold a variety of non-traditional investments and often employ more complex trading strategies than traditional mutual funds. Each of these alternative asset classes and investment strategies have unique risks, typically making them more suitable for investors with an above average tolerance for risk. Investors should fully understand the asset classes, investment strategies and their risks before investing.

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