Finding Opportunities in the Noise

Third Quarter 2017 CIO Insights Podcasts

Finding Opportunities in the Noise

We see important themes driving markets as we head into the second half of 2017, including market valuations, policy implementation, uncertainty and technology advancement. This quarter’s CIO Insights focuses on where we’re looking to find opportunities in the noise, regardless of political headlines.

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An Eye on Opportunity Amid Evolving Themes

David MacEwen and Victor Zhang, Co-Chief Investment Officers

With politics beating policy implementation, uncertainty continues to reign. Here’s what our CIOs are focusing on in the quarter ahead.

Fed Likely to Reduce Balance Sheet, Mindful of Markets

David MacEwen, Co-Chief Investment Officer

As the Federal Reserve attempts to reduce its $4.5 trillion balance sheet with minimal disruption, the unwinding will be groundbreaking.

One Thing’s for Certain: Uncertainty

Keith Creveling, CFA, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Global Growth Equity

Uncertainty has become the one certainty in global investing. Here’s where we are finding opportunities by focusing on the fundamentals.

Passive Investing Comes with Valuation Risks

Phillip N. Davidson, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Global Value Equity

Passive, index-based investing has grown in popularity over the last decade, but built-in momentum bias may be increasing risks.

Rise of the Robots?

Rich Weiss, Chief Investment Officer, Multi-Asset Strategies

The fear of an uncontrollable artificial intelligence (AI) is as old as Frankenstein. Here’s why we aren’t worried.

Putting Big Data to Work

Vinod Chandrashekaran, Chief Investment Officer, Discipline Equity

Find out why we believe that technological change is crucial to improving outcomes in many aspects of life, including investment management.

The President Proposes, the Congress Disposes

Greg Woodhams, CFA, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Global Growth Equity

Our update on President Trump’s administration to date: Successes, challenges and open questions from a U.S. growth equity perspective.

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