American Century’s 5 most shared Facebook posts from 2017


Before welcoming a new year and making resolutions, many people reflect on the past 365 days. It provides a chance to see how you spent your time and resources, and—just as importantly—it’s fun. That’s why Facebook’s annual “Year in Review” feature is so popular, and it’s why we pulled together the following list of the American Century Investments Facebook page’s most shared posts.

Dec. 19 – Potential Cancer Breakthrough

The most shared post of the year was published earlier this month and connected the dots between American Century Investments and a recent cancer breakthrough.

July 31 – Retirement Life Hacks

Whether you haven’t started saving for retirement yet or would like to have more, our second most shared Facebook post provided seven retirement life hacks.

Jan. 12 – Morningstar Award

When our value equity team was nominated for Morningstar’s 2016 domestic stock fund manager of the year, we were excited—and our fans were, too. That’s what made it our third most shared Facebook post of 2017.

Sept. 7 – Grandparent 529 Gifts

Many children have more toys than they possibly have time to play, which is why our fourth most shared Facebook post resonated with so many. It’s a video featuring one grandmother who decided to forgo traditional gifts in favor of college savings contributions.

Nov. 11 – Veterans Day

Veterans Day is an important holiday at American Century, as it is across the country. Our video highlighting a company celebration came in as our fifth most shared Facebook post.