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Heading down the aisle

Headed Down the Aisle? Money Shouldn’t Trip You Up

Part 1 of the Life Happens series. Saving for retirement, or any other future goal, is a long-term commitment. It’s easy to stay on course when your...
Millennial Save for Retirement

9 Ways Millennials Can Prepare for Retirement

The reality of retirement is decades away for the millions of millennials. However, the challenges they face—accumulated student debt and limited higher-paying job opportunities—make...
Mind the Retirement Gap

Mind the Retirement Gap

It’s an age-old question: How much is enough? As you reach certain milestones, it becomes obvious that retirement is fast approaching. Are you saving...
Small steps lead to college dreams

#WhyI529: Small Steps Lead To Big Dreams

Every little bit helps. Whether you’re saving money by shopping for consignment items or investing funds for college dreams, Amanda Birdsong can attest to...
WhyI529: Making Out-of-State College a Reality

#WhyI529: Making Out-of-State College a Reality

College costs are on the rise making an out-of-state education a stretch for many families. That financial hurdle can be difficult, especially when your...
Budget Blues Keeping You from Saving for Retirement?

Budget Blues Keeping You from Saving for Retirement?

Do you have enough money to save for retirement? In a survey,* 36% of people said they are able to save some for...
#WhyI529: Saving Early Makes a Difference

#WhyI529: Saving Early Makes a Difference

Diapers, daycare and direct deposit ... for her kids' college savings. American Century Investments employee, Maria Huggins, shares why she’s starting her kids’ college...
Role Playing: Is your retirement plan in on the act?

Role Playing: Is Your Retirement Plan in on the Act?

When choosing funds for your retirement plan, it’s important to remember that each investment type plays a specific role. Ideally, you want investments that...
8 Facts to Dispel 529 Plan Fiction

8 Facts to Dispel 529 Plan Fiction

What’s keeping you from opening a 529 Plan to invest for college? Think there are too many restrictions and high minimum investments? Think again. Don’t...
Track, Field and Target Funds: Three Themes Ring True

Track, Field & Target Funds: 3 Themes Ring True

Athletes across the globe have recently gathered to demonstrate their sporting expertise. To show our spirit, we’ve identified a few parallels between the time-honored games...