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Diane Gallagher
Diane Gallagher is a vice president for Retirement Marketing and Value Add at American Century Investments. She is responsible for developing comprehensive programs that deepen relationships with clients and improve plan effectiveness and participant outcomes. In 1985, Diane was on the first all-female computer programming team to make the finals in a Detroit high school competition.
Impact Investing and Healthcare: Millennials Lead the Trend

Impact Investing and Healthcare: Millennials Lead the Trend

Giving back and making a difference — you do it by donating time or money or deciding where to shop. Another option gaining popularity...

Defined Contribution Insights: Modest Expectations for Plan Participants

An American Century Investments® study shows that practical retirement savings advice is more important to plan participants than brochures that paint an unrealistic view...

Defined Contribution Insights: About to Retire and Full of Regret

An American Century Investments® study of plan participants reveals pre-retirees are looking back on their financial decisions with a lot of regret, especially when...

Defined Contribution Insights: Plans Get Passing Grades, but More Education Required

An American Century Investments® survey of pre-retirees shows that participants value the defined contribution (DC) plan but want more advice on how to prepare for...