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Pamela Murphy is a financial education writer at American Century Investments. She is a member of the marketing communications team, which provides financial and educational content for a variety of the firm’s clients. Pam spends her free time transporting her children to various sporting events--including basketball, volleyball, cheerleading and track--and is their #1 (loudest) fan.
Investing with the Heart; Today and Every Day

Investing with Heart; Today & Every Day

Valentine’s Day is all about the heart. Whether you celebrate sweetly or make a sentimental splash, it’s nice to make a difference in the...
The Importance of the Glide Path in a Target-Date Investment

The Importance of the Glide Path in a Target-Date Investment

Part 2 Selecting a Target-Date Investment In part one of this series, we discussed how a target-date investment works and why it’s important to understand the...
Check Your Target-Date Fund Approach - Part 1

Selecting a Target-Date Investment? Check the Approach

Part 1 Selecting a Target-Date Investment Investors often look to target-date investments for retirement—and for good reason. They offer a convenient way to invest, professional money...