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Scott Wittman, CFA, CAIA

Scott Wittman, CFA, CAIA
Scott Wittman is a chief investment officer at American Century Investments. He oversees the teams responsible for the company's multi-asseet strategies and disciplined equity portfolios. Scott also serves as a member of the investment oversight and products & marketing committees, as well as the investment management senior leadership team.
Investment Rationale Trumps Politics

Investment Rationale Trumps Politics

Podcast Q2 2017 CIO Insights - Disciplined Equity In the prior edition of CIO Insights, we wrote about why we thought it was so difficult to invest on...
Beware of Irrational Complacency

Beware Irrational Complacency

Podcast Q2 2017 CIO Insights - Multi-Asset Strategies Hope is not a very effective investment strategy. As we write this, stocks stand at record highs with volatility near...
Lacking Clarity? Go With What You Know

Lacking Clarity? Go with What You Know

Q1 2017 CIO Insights: Disciplined Equity Podcast An ocean of ink will be spilled trying to divine the Trump policy agenda for trade, international relations more broadly,...
Refocus on Fundamentals and Risk

Refocus on Fundamentals and Risk

Q1 2017 CIO Insights: Asset Allocation Podcast In our opinion, changing economic, market and political conditions introduce more uncertainty into markets than in recent years. Essentially ever...
Process Over Politics

Process Over Politics

Q4 2016 CIO Insights: Disciplined Equity Podcast Electoral outcomes are important. Of course they are. But we don’t believe you should base your investment decisions on...
CIO Insights: Planning Beats Predicting

Planning Beats Predicting

Q4 2016 CIO Insights: Asset Allocation Podcast This election-themed CIO Insights gives us the chance to weave together some key topics and ideas we’ve been writing about...
Betting on the election is bad business

Betting on the Election Is Bad Business

With the Republican National Convention and Democratic Conventions this month, there is a great deal of sound and fury in the media about presidential candidates...
Diversification is still king

CIO Insights: Diversification Still King

Podcast In prior editions of CIO Insights, we’ve written about the value of portfolio diversification in the face of uncertainty and risk caused by macroeconomic...
Macro events in a micro world

CIO Insights: Macro Events in a Micro World

Podcast We hear all the time from investors beset with worries—The Fed. China. Brexit. The economy. Oil. The election.1 And these are just the highlights....
Focus on known knowns instead of market fluctuations

CIO Insights: Focus on “Known Knowns” Instead of Market Fluctuations

For some time now, we have been writing about the rise of volatility, the importance of Federal Reserve (Fed) policy, global growth, and other...