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The Student Debt Payoff Trade-Off

The Student Debt Payoff Trade-Off

You crossed the stage, shook hands and received that diploma. Sixteen years of education paid off with a new job secured and … $30,000 in student loans. Wait. What? Earning a degree is often...
Spring Into Investing Habits

It’s April—Spring Into Smart Investing Habits, Part 1

April is an important month for your personal finances, and not just because of the tax filing deadline. It’s a time that has been recognized for 14 years as Financial Literacy Month. Don’t let...
Millennial Save for Retirement

9 Ways Millennials Can Prepare for Retirement

The reality of retirement is decades away for the millions of millennials. However, the challenges they face—accumulated student debt and limited higher-paying job opportunities—make building a retirement nest egg difficult.1 In a nationwide study, almost...